Do You Have a Pool Cleaner?

Pool cleaners are really great products. It is great investments to your pool. Not only do they do an effective vacuuming of the bottom, these products improve the water clarity and because they improve the circulation, across the bottom, make algae growth less likely.

Most pool cleaner are not reliable as advertised. Before selecting the right cleaner you need to know what cleaner suits best for your needs. The wrong selection can cause that your pool cleaner won’t work properly. Many pool cleaner get stacked at the pool steps or at the bottom main drain. Most cleaners detain in the deep end and hardly make it to shallow end. It took us time to find a product that comes along with highest customer satisfaction.


German Engineering meets American Innovation

Poolvergnuegen is offering a 2x and 4x Suction PoolCleaner.  A Pressure Pool Cleaner is also available with no need for an extra booster pump. That means energy savings!

After a short inspection, you will recognize that this cleaner is of the highest quality. It is made in the USA. Here are some key features for selecting a reliable pool cleaner:

  • Quality: Proudly made in the USA of the highest quality materials.Pool Vaccum, 2x2
  • Reliable: Works in any pool. Spends more time in the shallow end than any other cleaner.
  • Powerful: Patented Power Adjusting Turbine and Tire Tread Design will overcome obstacles like main drain.
  • Huge Inlet: Huge Inlet and Power Turbine allow for large debris.
  • Coverage: Most complete coverage on the market.
  • Energy Efficient: Pressure PoolCleaner requires NO booster pump.
  • Steering System: Only Pressure Cleaner with internal steering system. NO need for sweep hose to put dirt into the suspension.

Here is our outstanding offer:
Southwest Pools is offering a trial cleaner for your (residential) pool. We come to install the pool cleaner and leave it to you for one week.